Andorra Pyrenees and Transport

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Andorra Pyrenees and Transport


The firm Traldis Porta offers a wide range of logistic solutions, including transporting goods in Andorra, as well as managing all its customs procedures.

With more than 80 years experience in the sector, a total of 50 own vehicles adapted to the service in hand, and a team of trained and qualified professionals, Traldis Porta guarantees the safety and quality requirements essential to effectively managing its clients’ needs.

Also, the Traldis Porta group was the first company in Andorra to obtain the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate, offering protection and safety for customs procedures, which means it can speed up procedures and optimise transaction time. This certificate guarantees that the company’s role is safer and that its controls and procedures are in line with customs standards.

Trained, prepared and qualified, Traldis Porta works constantly to offer the best service and fulfil its established commitments.



Traldis Porta specialises in transport in the Pyrenees. The group is one of the few companies with the appropriate infrastructure to provide a quality service in La Cerdanya, L’Alt Urgell and El Ripollès regions, where the relief and sparse population makes distribution difficult.

With cutting-edge technology, Traldis Porta has all the necessary tools to guarantee compliance with the strictest European regulations and standards for transport and the environment.

Furthermore, through its strategy of continual improvement and investment in excellence, the company vehicles are ready to transport both conventional and temperature-controlled goods and are properly fitted with equipment to ensure any temperature changes are within permitted limits.

Through training and qualification, Traldis Porta works constantly to offer the best service and meet its commitments.

Andorra Pyrenees and Transport

Traldis Porta es un compañía andorrana especializada en soluciones logísticas y gestión aduanera.

Si desea conocer más detalles sobre nuestro servicio de depósito o almacén aduanero que ponemos a su disposición en Andorra, contacte con nosotros.