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Courier Express

Traldis Porta has optimised all its transport processes to cover the whole of the Iberian Peninsula (Andorra, Spain and Portugal) with direct, non-stop transit providing deliveries within 24 hours.

With a total of 200 offices throughout the peninsula, 1,500 vehicles and 1,900 people working for the company, goods are collected daily and direct transit is established that also reduces journey times. Thanks to this, Traldis Prota can offer the A10 service, with delivery before 10 am, or the A14 service, delivering the goods before 2 pm.

Courier Express National is a service especially for small packages, documents and envelopes with a maximum of 40 kg per dispatch and a volume of 0.4 m3.

Courier Express International is the service Traldis Porta offers to all customers who need to send goods to any part of the world urgently and safely.

The company provides the best international air and land transport to manage both collections and deliveries between 24 and 48 hours in Europe and in less than 76 hours for the rest of the planet.

Traldis Porta has signed agreements with a leading logistics network, with 21,000 vehicles and 62 planes, providing coverage for 222 countries and more than 1,000 sales offices.

The service is especially indicated for customers who need to send and receive small documents and parcels.

Spare parts service

Traldis Porta group offers its new spare part transport service to all its customer.

With fast, professional, quality operations, Traldis Porta collects the required car parts from anywhere in Catalonia and delivers them the next day to the specified garage in Andorra.This service is made possible thanks to a fleet of 35 company vehicles especially adapted to the goods and journeys involved.

The company offers this services from Monday to Friday to cover all demands and requirements.

Through training and qualification, Traldis Porta works constantly to offer the best service and meet its commitments.

Courier Express

Traldis Porta es un compañía andorrana especializada en soluciones logísticas y gestión aduanera.

Si desea conocer más detalles sobre nuestro servicio de depósito o almacén aduanero que ponemos a su disposición en Andorra, contacte con nosotros.