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Our history

Traldis Porta was founded in the 30s when, after the civil war, Mr. Agustí Porta i Cerqueda (father of our current manager) began to take the journey between Ansovell and Arsèguel, two villages of Alt Urgell. The transport, carried out in its beginnings with a mule and a cart, quickly goes on to use the first trucks.

The first product transported was the milk of the neighboring houses, but very soon there where all kinds of food, clothing and other small packages that the neighbors asked to be sent to their acquaintances in Cerdanya and Alt Urgell.

Over the years the activity intensified and growth was possible with the incorporation of the children and years later of the grandchildren.



At the moment, the company is run by the third generation Porta. We base our growth on a firm commitment to innovation and technological application in the work processes, investing in a team of highly qualified professionals and in the continuous pursuit of an excellent service for our client.